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Surprisingly the implementation of AHP as an online tool went smooth and faster than I expected. Now my AHP online calculator is live, and within a few weeks frequently used by many visitors. During its development I also found a way to show the “ideal” judgments in case of inconsistent inputs; so now it is easy to modify initial judgments in the right direction in order to improve consistency. A feature I also implemented in my last update of the AHP excel template.

In addition, I managed to come out with an AHP project tool, where you can define the hierarchy of your AHP projects, as well as do the calculation of global priorities and evaluation of alternatives. This was a bit tricky, as the hierarchy can vary widely from project to project, so I had to find a flexible way, how to input the hierarchy structure. It is done using plain text with a defined simple syntax for nodes and leafs of the hierarchy. Sounds more complicated as it is, so I published some examples, and I am sure you will find it easy to use.

I use the tool for my own projects, the latest one developing a decision tree for the evaluation of company internal IT projects. Using the hierarchy tool you can export your defined hierarchy structure as csv and use it in Excel for further calculations.

Now please enjoy your visit on the site and feel free to give me feedback – it is always appreciated.

Klaus D. Goepel,

Singapore, Dec 2013

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About the author

Updated AHP Excel template Version 2013-12-24

In this latest update of my AHP excel template, input sheets were modified to show the proposed ideal judgments for the three most inconsistent inputs, resulting in a lower consistency ratio CR.


On the left side judgment A9, A7 and A6 are highlighted as inconsistent, CR is 32%. The consistent judgment is shown as A4, A9 and A3. After correction with the proposed intensities (right side) the consistency ratio decreases to 7% below the required threshold of 10%.

You might download the latest version from my AHP template download page.

AHP Online Calculator – Update 2013-12-20

In this latest version of the AHP online calculator I made some changes:

  • The three judgments with highest inconsistency will be highlighted with the last column showing the recommended judgment for lowest inconsistency
  • Selection of fundamental AHP or balanced Scale
  • Number of Criteria changed from 12 to 15 max.1)
  • Length of criteria names changed from 15 to max. 20 characters
  • Download of result (decision matrix, eigen vector, CR) as csv (comma separated values) instead of txt file

The .csv  file uses “,” as field separator and “.” as decimal symbol (unchanged). Depending on your operating system it will directly open in Excel.

1) Important Note: Though the maximum number of criteria is 15, you should always try to structure your decision problem in a way that the number of criteria is in the range Seven Plus or Minus Two.