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240 thoughts on “Feedback”

    1. It’s a 4×4 matrix, i.e. 4 criteria, let them call C1, C2, C3, C4.
      1st line compares C1 with C2 (C1 is 7-times more important than C2 => A7, C1 is 3-times more important than C3 => A3, C1 is 3-times more important than C4 => A3)
      2nd line compares C2 with C3 and C4 (C2 is 2-times more important then C3 => A2, C2 is 3-times less important than C4 => B3)
      3rd line compares C3 with C4 (C3 is 2-times less important than C4 => B2)

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