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  1. Feels like factors is predisposed to become the least important factor. This approach may benefit from fuzzy cognitive maps analysis (FCM). FCM allows codependency of all the variables on each other and does not appear to pre-select the most important variable.

  2. Hello, I am trying to figure out why the Excell do not calculate of Consensus Indicator based on RGGM results?

    1. Seems to be that one of the formulas has to be corrected under MS Excel. It works fine under Office Libre. I don’t have MS Excel at the moment, will check end of April.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I have Office libre, but still some figures are missed. Especially, when I choose different scales – it doesn’t work

  3. Hi, Thanks for the AHP Calculation spreadsheet. I have worked on the spreadsheet for my Ph.D Thesis analysis work, however have some questions…appreciate if we can connect on Teams to discuss further.

    1. Dear Sir, I have resolved the above concern and got the AHP results. Appreciate your help on the sensitivity analysis, if we can connect.

  4. Downloaded XLS and everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is perfect and simple and easy to use, except I cannot get the CONSENSUS value to appear. No matter what I do, all I see is ‘######’ in the Consensus field. Please help!

    1. Probably a problem in the settings. I am using Office Libre and cannot reproduce the error.

  5. Hello, first of all a compliment for the very intuitive tool. I have a question regarding the calculation of the Consolidated Global Priorities (Standard AHP Linear Scale). Is there a way to understand the calculation of the percentages in the tool at a detailed level?

    Many thanks and BR, Johanna

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