New AHP Excel template with multiple inputs

The AHP Excel template works under Office Libre and Excel version MS Excel 2013. The workbook consists of 20 input worksheets for pair-wise comparisons, a sheet for the consolidation of all judgments, a summary sheet to display the result, a sheet with reference tables (random index, limits for geometric consistency index GCI, judgment scales) and a sheet for solving the eigenvalue problem when using the eigenvector method (EVM). Latest version: 2022-07-08.

Alternative for complex AHP projects: AHP free online software.

Excel Template

  • Within the input worksheets (questionnaires) priorities are calculated using the row geometric mean method (RGMM).
  • Three consistency indices (the consistency ratio CR, the geometric consistency index GCI and overall dissonance Psi) are calculated. The level of consistency needed (α) is implemented as a variable input field in the summary sheet, and can be set between zero and one.
  • If CR exceeds α, the top 3 inconsistent pair-wise comparisons on the input sheets are highlighted, to allow the participants an adjustment of their judgments. The judgment resulting in lower inconsistency is proposed.
  • Final priorities are shown in a summary sheet; their calculation is based on the eigen vector method (EVM). For the solution of the eigenvalue problem the power method algorithm is applied with a fixed number of 20 iterations.
  • Different judgment scales are implemented.
  • Errors of the EVM and RGMM are show beside the calculated priorities.
  • Either individual participants, or an aggregation of individual judgments (AIJ) based on the weighted geometric mean of all participants’ judgments can be selected.


  • The template does not include the hierarchy of the decision problem and the final aggregation of weights, i.e. it is only suitable for finding the weights in each category or sub-category. For the definition of a hierarchy and evaluation of alternatives see here.
  • Sensitivity analysis of the final result is not included.

How to use the template?

A detailed description (pdf) is attached in the download file.


When you use the template for your research, please make a reference to the author’s paper.

Please cite:
Klaus D. Goepel, (2013). Implementing the Analytic Hierarchy
Process as a Standard Method for Multi-Criteria Decision Making In
Corporate Enterprises – A New AHP Excel Template with Multiple Inputs, Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process, Kuala Lumpur 2013. DOI:


Download AHP Excel Template Version 2022.07.08 (zip)

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332 thoughts on “New AHP Excel template with multiple inputs”

  1. Hi Klaus, thanks a lot for this free online tool… I think you are simplifying our lives… Just kidding…
    By the way, I downloaded the last version of the AHP Excel template but I have a question for you… I’ve already realized my personal AHP-project by the online software, so I already have results… I should replicate and show them to a University audience, so I would like to compute the project by the Excel template… I’m trying to insert the values of pair-wise comparison into the sheet but each cell of the matrix is characterized by a complicate formula… how can I fill in the matrix with my values?

    1. Hi Angelo,
      the best way is to fill in the pairwise comparisons. You can try to overwrite the matrix entries in the input sheets, but I am not sure whether it will break something. You can also download results from AHP-OS as cvs.
      Regards, Klaus

  2. Dear Klaus, is it possible to enter data for more than 20 participants on the online template AHP-OS myself, without relying on a group session? I have survey data from more than 20 participants that I will enter into the AHP-OS myself. Thank you.

  3. Can you help me with template for more than 20. I need to have 60 respondents. Thank you for your reply.

  4. Excuse me I am having some trouble using the template. Is it compulsory that for the scale A has to be compared to B? Because when there are many criterions it is a bit confusing. Can it be for instance for participant1: Cr1 A scale is given compare to B the directly go to Cr2 instead of the repeated ABAB etc. Is it possible?

  5. It is a great service from Mr. Klaus. He has made APH’s inconveniences into easily available and familiar platform, Microsoft Excel. I trust that he can present a more robust application which can accommodate upto 100 of participants, and beyond if possible.

  6. Hello,
    This tool has been a real life saver. Will be using it for part of my doctoral research. I have a question about the RGMM, you said that “It can happen that even with a consistency ratio below 10%, errors are significant, and some weights are overlapping within the error range.”
    How can this be rectified without grossly changing the opinions of the DM? When i try to make the errors minimal, it significantly changes the weights of the DM and i think this doesn’t truly reflect their opinions. Please advice. Thank you

    1. You cannot rectify. When people are logically inconsistent, resulting uncertainties are as they are. You simply take the errors as they are.

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