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  1. Hi Klaus, how did you represent the CR when showing the consolidated results? I have 30 respondents in my project, but the spreadsheet only has a limit of 20.

    1. Hi Cesar,
      CR is calculated from the consolidated decision matrix (aggregation of individual judgments AIJ)
      When you have more than 20 participants, please use my free online software AHP-OS with unlimited number of participants.

  2. Hi Klaus,
    I am just experimenting using the spreadsheet dated 2018-09-15 and think I have found a bug.
    On each of the Input tabs, cells P6-P13 are a consistent set of formulae. Cell P14 is blank and P15 has a formula which looks like it belongs in P14.
    I am using the spreadsheet with 10 criteria, which may put me outside the usual range of users.

    1. Hi Graham,
      yes, looks like you are right. It should be:
      =N99*SINH(P87)/O$101 for P14 and
      =N100*SINH(P88)/O$101 for P15.
      Sorry, I will correct with the next upload.

  3. Hi,
    I used this calculator few years back. I wanted to access it once again to see my saved projects. However when i give my id and password it says the username doesnt exist. Why is it so?
    My username: DeepaMK
    Password: *********

    1. Hi Deepa,
      users without donation receive an automatic email to reactivate their account after 3 months of inactivity. Probably you didn’t reactivate and the account was deleted. If you can give me a rough date of your last activity, I can check my backups to recover your account.
      P.S. Never publish your passwords, even if you don’t use it.

  4. Hi,
    I am new at AHP and have a question about the hierarchy. I have read in an article that it should be complex enough to capture the situation, but small and nimble enough to be sensitive to changes. What should be the maximum number of criteria and sub-criteria?
    Kind regards,

  5. I got a doubt regarding a comment posted in the link https://bpmsg.com/weight-uncertainties-in-ahp-os/, where you have mentioned that for more than 1 participant, the the variation is reduced by the square root of the number of participants. Is it the square root, or the ‘n’ th root? My study has got 353 final participants after data cleaning. That brings the square root to 18.78. Since the AHP scale is from 1-9, all the values as a result would be negative.

    This makes calculation impossible as negative values cannot be used. Is it possible to undertake Weight uncertainty calculation in Excel?

    Say for example, I increase all the cell values of the Aggregated matrix by 0.5 within the scale of 1-9, and also decrease all the cell values by 0.5. Will that get me the maximum and minimum values of weight to calculate absolute extremes? Can you clarify on this?

    1. I am doing statistics by varying the matrix elements randomly (Monte Carlo) and taking the variance. You cannot increase and decrease all values in one direction at the same time.

  6. Is there any Excel Template you have prepared for Sensitivity Analysis? It would be a great help for me. Thanks

  7. how can we know the calculation behind the AHP excel template? I need the calculation of weight using geometric mean by 15 decisions maker.
    Please suggest me.

  8. Hi Klaus, great tool. In the Summary sheet, what is the Iterations field telling me? Can you please help me understand? Is it a minimum number of inputs/participants required to achieve reliability? I notice it decreases with more criteria added and increases with less criteria. I don’t understand what it’s telling me. Thank you for your help

    1. Hi Brad,
      iterations is telling you how many iterations were needed to find the eigenvalue with the power method.
      Regarding the simplified excel template version: I haven’t maintained further, as there was no request over the last years at all.

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