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  1. Hello Klaus – I had come across the AHP and decided to use it to rank sources of demand volatility in public health cold chain analysis. Then I found your AHP Excel Template Update Version 2018-09-15, and it saved my day, or probably the AHP solution to this problem!

    Many many thanks.

  2. Hii, I’ve noticed in the Excel template, in the summary, there is the consistency ratio that fixed to 0.37. May I know if this represents the consistency ratio threshold? If so, aren’t the typically threshold is 0.1 based on the literature review. If not what does it represent and why fix it to 0.37?

    Thank you

  3. Hi sir and thank you very much for providing the template. I have a question, what if the class exceeds more than 10? how do I edit it? Thank you..

  4. Thank you very very much, I proud of you.
    The AHP calculated you uploaded works very well.
    Do the some thing for others.

  5. It’s difficult understand how to do the clasification. In the begin ing in order to understand, please gives some examples.

  6. Is diversity / group consensus calculation possible for multiple hierarchies? How would we do that?

    Do we have to calculate the consensus for each hierarchy set separately, or is an overall aggregate value possible to be realized?

    1. The consensus of the complete hierarchy is calculated as weighted arithmetic mean of the consensus of all hierarchy nodes (categories); for alternatives, we take the consensus indicator of the consolidated alternative evaluation matrix weighted with the global priorities.
      Please see:
      Goepel, K.D. (2018). Implementation of an Online Software Tool for the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP-OS). International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, Vol. 10 Issue 3 2018, pp 469-487,

  7. I plan to try out the template in our next strategy/priority session. Thank you for making the template available, and the great documentation in the powerpoint.

    I would like to be able to change the name of the tab to the participants name so it is clear which tab they own.

    1. Unfortunately renaming the sheets will break the calculation. Just add another sheet with input numbers and names in a table for the participants.

  8. Hi,

    I began using your excel template for my research, thank you for providing this!

    I wonder if you have an excel template for more than 20 participants since I will have to use more participants for my research. If not, can the spreadsheet be updated easily for new participants and what steps should I follow for this?

    Thanks and regards

    1. I recommend to use my free online software AHP-OS for more complex projects. It can handle hierarchies, alternatives and an practically unlimited number of participants. All results can be exported in csv. https://bpmsg.com/ahp

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