AHP online software – a reminder

If you are a registered user of my AHP online software, please keep in mind and be aware:

After 3 months of inactivity, your user account will be deactivated automatically. Please reactivate, using the link provided in the e-mail, if you want to keep your data, otherwise your account and all your data will be deleted 48 hours after deactivation.

This is done to ensure a slim database and help to keep the software fast and responsive. Please also avoid multiple registrations under different user names and e-mail addresses. You can keep up to 20 projects in your account, and it should be sufficient for the majority of users.

AHP online program limits:

  • Number of hierarchy levels: 6 max.
  • Number of hierarchy nodes: 50 max.
  • Number of criteria/node: 15 max. ( 7 to 9 recommended)
  • Number of hierarchy end nodes: 150 max.
  • Number of Alternatives: 10 max.
  • String length for nodes/leafs: 35 char max.
  • Number of characters for hierarchy definition: 6000

Thank you for your cooperation, and PLEASE – as a registered user – help to support this website with a small donation. I do not have a commercial interest, but I spend a lot of time, sharing my knowledge for free, and I have running costs to keep the site alive.

Thank you!

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