AHP Excel Template Update Version 2018-09-15

A new version of of the AHP Excel template with some major updates is now available for download. Based on the work of Tomashevskii (2014, 2015), errors for the resulting priorities/weights are shown.

Calculated weights with error indication

In addition the overall dissonance (ordinal inconsistency) according to Sajid Siraj (2011) is indicated. The zip file for download also contains the updated manual, showing the calculations and references.


Overall dissonance Psi

First we calculate the matrix:

The overall dissonance Psi should be zero. A value greater than zero indicates an ordinal inconsistency in the pairwise comparison matrix.

Errors for Eigenvector method (EVM)

Shown on the summary sheet.

1. Absolute error

2. Mean relative error (MRE)

Errors for Row Geometric Mean Method (RGMM)

The RGGM method is used on the input sheets (In1 … In20).


Sajid Siraj (2011). Preference elicitation from pairwise comparisons in multi-criteria decision making, Dissertation, The University of Manchester.

Tomashevskii, I. L. (2014). Geometric mean method for judgement matrices: formulas for errors, arXiv:1410.0823v1 [math.OC].

Tomashevskii, I. L. (2015). Eigenvector ranking method as a measuring tool: formulas for errors, European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 240, Issue 3, 1 February 2015, Pages 774-780.

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