Improving AHP consistency

In the implementation of both, AHP excel template as well as AHP online software, inconsistent judgments are highlighted and recommendations for consistent judgments are given.  How it is done, and what is the method behind?

The method is based on Saaty’s article “Decision-making with the AHP: Why is the principal eigenvector necessary“. European Journal of Operational Research 145 (2003) 85–91. He describes three methods how to transform a positive reciprocal matrix to a near consistent matrix.

In my implementation I construct the matrix εij = aij wj/wi to identify the three judgments for which εij is farthest from one. In Saaty’s paper it is shown as table 3, in my excel template it is called Consistency Error Matrix.  As I have to do it on each individual input sheet, I use as an approximation the RGMM (row geometric mean method) results, before calculating the eigenvector solution in the summary sheet.

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BPMSG maintenance completed.

The maintenance on Apr 21, 2016, included an update of the PHP version. Please feedback in case of any problems.

Thank You

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BPMSG down for an hour Apr 21st, 10:00 UTC

Due to scheduled maintenance, please expect a downtime of today, April  21st, for 1 hour or less starting today 18:00 SGT (10.00 UTC).

The PHP version will change too, there is a small possibility that my AHP online system will have some compatibility issues. I will try to bring it back as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding.

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