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  1. Have a nice day. When calculating iterations in the 10×10 study file, the formula “= SUM (B5: K5) / 10” is used. I have a matrix of 4×4 in my example. Should I divide by 4?

    1. No need to change anything. It’s a bit tricky, but calculations are always done for 10×10. Eigenvector and Eigenvalue results are correct for all dimensions.

  2. Two questions:

    (1) If the overall consistency is 10%, does it matter than the individual consistency ratings are much worse? I feel that high consistency ratings among the individuals means they need to have more training and discussions about the criteria. Don’t feel comfortable just changing their ratings to be more consistent. Seems like it’s an indicator of something wrong with the criteria (or the people chosen to vote!)
    (2) How to perform sensitivity analysis? I don’t see this in the downloaded version. Do you have to use the online version for this?

    Great tool!

    1. (1) If the overall consistency of the consolidated matrix is 10%, individual consistency ratio does not matter, as the eigenvector solution is calculated from the consolidated (near consistent) matrix. Aggregation of individual judgments “smoothens” out the individual high CR values.
      Don’t change participants’ ratings, as this would be a manipulation of data, if you do it without their consensus. In my projects sometimes I have a few people, who are not able to do a consistent pairwise comparison. It has something to do with their way of thinking. From my experience, additional training or explanations do not help. Usually it works well with rational/logical participants.
      (2) Sensitivity analysis is only possible when you have a complete project, i.e. criteria weightings and alternative evaluations. This is only possible with my online software, not with the excel template.

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