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  1. Hello Klaus,

    thank you for the nice Excel tool!
    I am writing my master thesis and a survey based on the AHP is part of it. I used a balanced scale for the survey and in the tool, but I cannot fully retrace the results of the Evaluation Matrix.
    I guess the tool assumes the scale to have 9 points on each side and the values are distributed based on a quadratic (?) formula. Could you help me with some more information about the theoretical background of your tool ?

    Best regards,


    1. Hello Klaus,

      fortunately I found it myself but I want to post to answer to my own question, if someone has the same question:

      The background information to the scales can be found on page 7 in:

      Goepel, K. D. (2017). Implementation of an Online Software Tool for the Analytic Hierarchy Process – Challenges and Practical Experiences. Working paper prepared for publication, Singapore July 2017

      or under: https://bpmsg.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/ahp-software.pdf



  2. Dear Klaus,

    First, I like to thank you for making this wonderful tool. It is really helpful, either for companies, students, individuals etc. However, I maybe have some feedback to even more improve this tool. My suggestion is: adding a sensitivity calculation based on the scale (9-1/9). This will result that the ranking scores can be checked. With this sensitivity calculation, the weight of the alternatives will differ. Therefore, another addition could be that the differentiation of the ‘new’ calculated ranking scores can be compared to the original.

    Greetings, Frank

    1. Hi Frank,
      thanks for your feedback. Sensitivity calculation is implemented, see para 6 and 8 of my working paper about the software implementation.
      On the result page click on “var” and “refresh” to get the results.
      Regards, Klaus

  3. Hi Klaus

    Can you help me? How to use your template if my number of criteria more than 10. total i have 20 criteria. i already key in 10 criteria, another 10, i don’t know how to key in..can you advise me on this matter? thank you

  4. Hi Klaus,

    Is the online version constrained to a number of criteria and alternatives that you can use? I have some 11 criteria but 11 alternatives.


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