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NEW! BPMSG’s free AHP online software: For a quick evaluation of priorities use my AHP online calculator. If you need to handle a complete AHP hierarchy, try out my new AHP-OS System.

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46 thoughts on “AHP Excel Template”

  1. hi..i just want to ask..is there any references arding sample size for using AHP

    1. There is no reference, it always depends on your decision problem. Good to have 3 to 5 experts (participants) involved

  2. Dear Klaus,

    First of all, thanks for putting this excel sheet on the internet for free. I am writing my thesis and I don’t know what I have done without it! I have one question though. I have one main criteria which has 2 sub-criteria’s, but the excel template will not allow me to put in only 2 criteria’s. Can you help me with this problem? Thanks in advance!

    1. Dear Johanneke,
      for two criteria there is one comparison and one solution only: If criterion A is x-times more important than B, the weight w(A) = x/(1+x). w(B)=1-w(A) as w(A)+w(B)=1. Eigenvalue =2, CR always 0. Example: A 3 times more important than B: w(A) = 3/4 (75%), w(B) = 1/4 (25%). Check: w(A)/w(B) = 3.
      Regards, Klaus

      1. Off course! Thanks a lot for the clear answer.

  3. good morning

    Sorry for so many questions, I have one more, Can I do sensitivity analysis with your template or is this independent?

  4. Hi

    Thank you for this effort and help. I want to know how to extend the AHP Excel template for further criteria? I need 9 criteria, but I do not understand how to do it

    1. Input n = 9 on the summary sheet (9 criteria), then input text and comments for your 9 criteria.
      Go to the input sheet (In1), right-click on the tab to unprotect the sheet first. On line 66, left side of the input sheet click on the small “+” to expand the questionnaire for the additional criteria, and fill out the pairwise comparisons.
      Do the same on In 2 …, if you have more than one decision maker.
      Done! You can use my template for up to 10 criteria.

          1. Hi rocio,
            no, the template only gives you the weights in each category/sub-category. You have to do the evaluation of alternatives manually or in your own excel sheet, as it depends on the specific hierarchy.
            Regards, Klaus

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