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Free web based AHP software to handle complete projects

NEW! BPMSG’s free AHP online software: For a quick evaluation of priorities use my AHP online calculator. If you need to handle a complete AHP hierarchy, try out my new AHP-OS System.

Download page of the AHP Excel Template:

Latest Version 09.05.14
Please download the latest version from here

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Older Versions for tracking purpose: please contact the author.

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46 Responses to AHP Excel Template

  1. masitah zulkepli says:

    hi..i just want to ask..is there any references arding sample size for using AHP

  2. Johanneke van Iwaarden says:

    Dear Klaus,

    First of all, thanks for putting this excel sheet on the internet for free. I am writing my thesis and I don’t know what I have done without it! I have one question though. I have one main criteria which has 2 sub-criteria’s, but the excel template will not allow me to put in only 2 criteria’s. Can you help me with this problem? Thanks in advance!

    • Klaus says:

      Dear Johanneke,
      for two criteria there is one comparison and one solution only: If criterion A is x-times more important than B, the weight w(A) = x/(1+x). w(B)=1-w(A) as w(A)+w(B)=1. Eigenvalue =2, CR always 0. Example: A 3 times more important than B: w(A) = 3/4 (75%), w(B) = 1/4 (25%). Check: w(A)/w(B) = 3.
      Regards, Klaus

  3. rocio says:

    good morning

    Sorry for so many questions, I have one more, Can I do sensitivity analysis with your template or is this independent?

  4. rocio says:


    Thank you for this effort and help. I want to know how to extend the AHP Excel template for further criteria? I need 9 criteria, but I do not understand how to do it

    • Klaus says:

      Input n = 9 on the summary sheet (9 criteria), then input text and comments for your 9 criteria.
      Go to the input sheet (In1), right-click on the tab to unprotect the sheet first. On line 66, left side of the input sheet click on the small “+” to expand the questionnaire for the additional criteria, and fill out the pairwise comparisons.
      Do the same on In 2 …, if you have more than one decision maker.
      Done! You can use my template for up to 10 criteria.

      • rocio says:

        Thanks for your answer and your kindness

        • rocio says:

          One question more. Your template can evaluate alternatives?

          • Klaus says:

            Hi rocio,
            no, the template only gives you the weights in each category/sub-category. You have to do the evaluation of alternatives manually or in your own excel sheet, as it depends on the specific hierarchy.
            Regards, Klaus

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