Canon XA-10 Video Camera – Damage or normal?

Just now I realized a problem with my (still) quite new Cannon XA-10 camera. Obvious under low light conditions and white colored background the corners getting dark – vignetting; you see it clearly on the second picture. Of course – lens hood removed, it’s medium focal length …
Question: damage under warranty or normal?

Result from several visits and discussions with the Canon Service center in Singapore:

It is a limitation of the camera. (I would call it a design problem). Workaround: use manual focus & switch image stabilizer off (if possible use a tripod).

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2 thoughts on “Canon XA-10 Video Camera – Damage or normal?”

  1. Hi, I have the same problem with my XA10 and don’t know if this is normal. Did you still got a feedback from canon?

    1. Hi Alexander,
      feedback from Canon: it’s a limitation of the camera. I was not satisfied – as vignetting should not be so obvious with a professional model.

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