AHP-OS Latest News and Updates

Latest Updates

2019-06-21 AHP-OS now runs under PHP 7.2. It should be faster than before. Let me know in case there are any problems with your projects.

2019-06-19 I can see a couple of users registered under different names. Please only use one registered account and do some housekeeping with your projects when you reach the limit. To make it easier, I now have increased the number to 50 projects.

2019-05-13 The AHP priority calculator now shows the absolute error of the resulting priorities based on the work of Tomashevskii (2014, 2015)

2019-05-10 Some code optimization and cleanup. It should not be visible to users. In case you face any problems with your projects, please contact me.

2019-02-06 Participants do no longer get the selection to see the group result after submitting and saving their judments. The group result page will no longer show participants’ names or details, when you are not logged in and the project owner.

2018-09-15 You may now use HTML tags in the project description to highlight sections of the description. The project description is shown to participants. The maximum length is 400 characters, including HTML tags.

2018-08-20 (a) For some large AHP projects from users the memory limit was reached, and the result page ended up being blank. The limit is now increased.
(b) For some projects with more than 150 participants, input data (“View Input Data” on the result page) were partly displayed unformatted using Firefox browser. Corrected.

2018-08-19 Using AHP-OS in your research, please cite the folowing reference.

2017-10-10 AHP-OS Quick Reference.

2017-10-08 The calculation of the AHP group consensus was updated. As a result there could be smaller deviations compared to the previous calculation, but the values are now correct for large numbers of criteria. The working paper about AHP-OS software implementation was updated accordingly (Eq. 5.9).

2017-09-29 Beside some format changes, alternatives’ preference values in the hierarchy table are now displayed as local performance measuresi.e. the values are NOT multiplied with the global priorities of the decision hierarchy.

2017-09-28 Correction of bug in consensus calculation; breakdown by nodes (hierarchy) and criteria (alternatives) on the group result page is now collapsed and can be expanded to view details.

2017-09-24 From the project administration menu you can now rename a project and edit the project description, even when there are already inputs from participants. Just click on Rename Project.

2017-09-22 Partial inputs from participants for hierarchy evaluation are now possible. Please see my blog post.

2017-09-14 Based on feedback from users, I have increased the max. length for criteria from 35 char to 45 char.

2017-09-02 AHP-OS is now secured with HTTPS. There is an automatic redirect from http to https. Please see more details on my blog post.

2017-09-02 AHP-OS pages were made mobile friendly, though I do not recommend to use AHP-OS on a mobile phone. It is ok on a tablet.

Feedback and Contact

Kindly let me know if you find any problem or bug in this latest version. You can contact me through my website’s contact page. It will be always helpful to include your AHP-OS username and – if the problem occurs with a specific project – the project session code. Comments or proposal for additional features are also always welcome!

Thank You!



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INACTIVE user accounts without stored project data will be DELETED automatically after 3 months. No reactivation e-mail will be sent!

Program limits:

Let me know, when you reach the program limits. There is still a possibility to extend them.

  • Number of hierarchy levels: 6 max.
  • Number of hierarchy nodes: 50 max.
  • Number of criteria/node: 20 max. ( 7 to 9 recommended)
  • Number of hierarchy end nodes: 150 max.
  • Number of Alternatives: 10 max.
  • String length for nodes/leafs: 45 char max.
  • Number of characters for hierarchy definition: 6000
Author: Klaus D. Goepel, BPMSG, Contact, last update: Oct 8, 2017