AHP-ANP practical Application with Pros and Cons

The analytic hierarchy (AHP) and analytic network process (ANP) are two multi-criteria decision methods (MCDM), originally developed by Prof. Thomas L. Saaty.

ANP is a more general approach, based on the description of the problem by means of a network instead of a hierarchy as in AHP. On the other hand, ANP is also more complex in its application.

In my latest video presentation, pros and cons for both methods are shown, and a few tips for the practical application of AHP,  and setting up a network for ANP are listed.

You might download the slides of this presentation from this posting.

Link to video in Youtube

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8 Responses to AHP-ANP practical Application with Pros and Cons

  1. maryam says:

    hi dear
    I am working on my thesis and want to use ANP in watershed for comparing effective elements in soil erosion.
    I need a full learning video for ANP,
    I will appreciated if you help me
    best regards

    • bpmsg says:

      Maryam, do you want to use ANP or AHP? Watch my ANP video and/or my AHP video on my Youtube channel. ANP Slides for download here.
      Regards, Klaus

      • maryam says:

        Dear Klaus
        Thanks for answering to my mail. I am working with ANP and I need your E-mail Addressee to send for you my attachment for help me.
        I will be appreciated if you send me it to my mail or here
        best regards

  2. lORENA says:

    Please, you can provide me information about ANP in spanish? This is for elaborate my thesis.
    ¡thank you!

    • Klaus says:

      Sorry, unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish. Also didn’t understand your previous comment. Anyone who can help to translate?

  3. LORENA says:

    Vi el video de ANP en Youtube. Ha sido de mucha ayuda para entender ANP. Pero no sé cómo llegar de la super matriz a la matriz límite. ¿luego de ubicar los vectores resultantes de las comparaciones pareadas, cuál es el procedimiento?¿hay otras fuentes para estudiar los detalles de los calculos en ANP?

    ¡thank you!

  4. Mahmoud Shakuri says:

    I am doing a research on sustainability issues and need to find the weights of more than 70 items devided into 5 categories. since AHP is used alot in previous works i wanted to use ANP for this purpose. since here i am not considering to find the best alternative and just need the weights, can ANP be used?
    I really appreciate it if you could help me.
    my email is shmahmoud3@live.utm.my

    • Klaus says:

      Hi Mahmoud,
      Yes, you can use ANP, as AHP is part of it. Depends only on the direction of relations between the nodes. You could use one node for each category with a subnet of criteria for each node and one goal node. I did something similar using the free super decision software. The link to the SW is on my blog. But a pairwise comparison of 14 criteria is quite troublesome (too many). Maybe you can breakdown further. Let me know if you need a more specific answer.

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