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AHP-OS Release (1.1.1-217 )

In this latest release the Turkish language translation was added, thanks to Hale. We have also extended the maximum length of criteria or alternative names from 45 to 60 characters.

Now the program allows participants to revise their judgments as long as the project status is "open". As a project owner you can open/close projects using Toggle Project Status in the "AHP Project Menu".

This latest version of AHP-OS includes a new feature to analyze group decisions. Under Group Consensus Cluster Analysis on the AHP-OS main page you can open the AHP Consensus page. The program tries to cluster a group of decision makers into smaller subgroups with higher consensus. For each pair of decision makers the similarity of priorities is calculated, using Shannon α- and β entropy. The analysis can be helpful, when among a group of four or more participants the overall group consensus is low, but you want to see, whether you can identify smaller subgroups of participants with higher consensus.

More Info here

AHP-OS in other languages

We are still looking to find volunteers for a translation of all AHP-OS output into other languages. At the moment English, German, Spanish and Portugese is supported. If you are willing to support the program, please contact me via the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Your Donation

Before you start: If you are an active user or like the program, please help with a donation to keep this website alive. I have running costs for web hosting, certificate, spam protection and maintenance, and want to keep AHP-OS free for all users. As a donor your account will be kept active without the request for reactivation, even if you don't access it for a period longer than 3 months.


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AHP-OS author: Klaus D. Goepel, BPMSG. Contact Last update: Apr 30, 2022 1.1.1-217
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