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AHP Hierarchy

AHP-OS Decision Hierarchy

Define a decision hierarchy of criteria and calculate their weights based on pairwise comparisons using the Analytic Hierarchy Process AHP. In a next step you then define a set of alternatives and evaluate them with respect to your list of criteria to find the most preferrable alternative and solve your decision problem.

For a simple calculation of priorities based on pairwise comparisons you can use the AHP priority calculator. If you like the tool and find it useful, click the like button at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

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Project: Satisfaction with house

Project description

How to make a decision? The analytic hierarchy process. Saaty, European Journal of Operational Research 48 (1990) 9 - 26 - Alternative evaluation

Decision Hierarchy
Level 0Level 1Glb Prio.
Satisfaction with house Size of house 0.17317.3%
Transportation 0.0545.4%
Neighborhood 0.18818.8%
Age of house 0.0181.8%
Yard space 0.0313.1%
Modern facilities 0.0363.6%
General condition 0.16716.7%
Financing 0.33333.3%
OK. Submit for group eval or alternative eval.  1.0

Hiearchy Info

Mode: Alternative evaluation 3 alternatives

1 (6) hierarchy level(s), 8 (100) hierarchy leafs, 1 (50) hierarchy node(s), 232 (6000) hierarchy characters.

Input/Edit Hierarchy

Input or edit text in the text area below, then submit. (See examples)

In the text input area above you can define a new hierarchy. Nodes are followed by a colon, leafs are separated by comma, and each branch has to be terminated by a semicolon. Tilde character (~) is discarded. Names for categories and sub-categories need to be unique. No numbers are allowed as category names, e.g. use "100 $" instead of "100". A category cannot have a single sub-category. By default, all priorities are set equally to sum-up to 100% in each category or sub-category. Note: input is case-sensitive.

Hierarchy Input Menu

As registered user you can download priorities and save the defined hierarchy as project.

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