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BPMSG AHP Online System

Latest news and updates


If you are an active user or like the program, please help to keep this website alive. I have running costs for web hosting, spam protection and maintenance, and want to keep this AHP-OS free for all users.

1 SGD is approx. 0.75 USD

Latest Update:

In the latest update of BPMSG's AHP online software a function to edit saved projects was added. You can now change the hierarchy, alternatives or the project description of any saved project, as long as there are no participants. Please see more details on my blog post.

Feedback and Contact

Kindly let me know if you find any problem or bug in this latest version. You can contact me through my website's contact page. It will be always helpful to include your AHP-OS username and - if the problem occurs with a specific project - the project session code. Comments or proposal for additional features are also always welcome!


INACTIVE user accounts without stored project data will be DELETED automatically after 3 months. No reactivation e-mail will be sent!

Program limits:

Let me know, when you reach the program limits. There is still a possibility to extend them.

Thank You!



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