BPMSG – One Year On-line

After being on-line with the website for 1 year, it’s time to change the entry page!

Here, on BPMSG.com you will find a couple of interesting articles related to business performance management, from a more practical than theoretical point of view.

Topics covered range from

You might find videos, presentations slides and templates in the download category for free. You might also subscibe to my video podcast about business performance management.

A new topic was introduced just recently: “Value-driven leadership”. I started with a general article, and added a personality profiling tool (NEO-select). If interested, you might participate and send back the completed questionnaire to get a full report.

In the section other stuff  I post other interesting information, not fitting to the main topic of the site. For example a nice video of the olive-backed sunbird, a review of the Sennheiser Bluetooth Headset etc.

BPMSG stands for Business Performance Management Singapore. As of now, it is a non-commercial website, and information is shared for educational purposes. Please see licensing conditions and terms of use.

Please also be so kind, if you use parts in your web-site or blog, to give credit and a link to my site. I hope you will find some useful information, let me know your feedback or contact me directly for any suggestions.

Klaus Goepel, Mar 2012

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AHP – Does Mobile Internet Enhance Driving Experience?

Thesis of Taiwan Car Users’ Attitudes

Daniel Werner, National Cheng Kung University Taiwan, Institute of International Management, Master Thesis Sep 2011

This thesis uses the AHP Excel template … from K Goepel, a German Ph.D in Singapore and specialist of MCDM methods. Training videos and this excel template are freely available on his website

Nice to see that my work is useful and applied in practice. I would appreciate to hear about similar cases from my visitors. Please leave a comment here or contact me.

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Your Best Salesperson is Not Your Best Sales Manager

Just found this article on the web. Very true, but often not believed or followed.

Link to article

That’s one of the reason I set up the NEO-select profiling tool. It will support the right selection of people into a suitable position.

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NEO-select leadership value profiling

NEO-select personality profiling is a tool to get a better insight in the different strengths of individuals. The inventory is developed based on the model of the big five dimensions of personality, and is conducted as a self-reporting assessment. Using a combination of selected facets in these dimensions, a ranking of leadership values is derived. It will give you a better insight in your behavior, and the driving values behind it.

You might download the questionnaire and the quick guide, how to fill below.

Fill out the questions, and you will get an immediate quick report of your levels and rankings in the broad five personality dimensions. The questions are available in English and German language. As a result you will get a quick and very simple summary.

To receive the full report – with much more detailed information – simply submit the completed questionnaire to the author.

Important note:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file into a working directory.
  2. Open Excel and load the xls file from there.
  3. The questionnaire is realized in Excel, and requires Macros to run for the control of the answering flow: enable macros.
  4. Once all questions are answered, the file will be stored under the exact same name in the same directory. (Don’t worry, your answers are saved)
  5. Submit the Excel file to the author and receive the full report.

If you don’t use a Microsoft environment, a simple spreadsheet version is available on request.

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Value-driven Leadership – Introduction

This short video gives an introduction to value-driven leadership.

How do you think about this guy?

More… about value-driven leadership

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Recently I received this comment:

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After my reply, the guy told me:

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In the next e-mail they offered a monthly flat rate for placing the banner, even not asking how much traffic my site has. Being cautious,  I found out from other blogs that they try to let you install a WordPress Plugin and might place malcious code later. Don’t waste your time.

Be alert!

See for example further information in this blog.

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Analytic Hierarchy Process – new podcast episode

AHP stands for Analytic Hierarchy Process. It is multi-criteria decision making method, originally developed by Prof. Thomas L. Saaty.

The AHP video, explaining the method, is now available as a new episode in my podcast.

The latest version of my AHP Excel template is available for download from here.

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